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Good time of year for 'junk' fishing
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Lake temperatures are in the mid to upper 50’s.

The lake continues to fill and up is around 1057.3 feet, just about 13.7 feet below full pool.

The main lake and creeks are stained to muddy and the Chattahoochee River is stained to clear. Balus, Big Creek, Clarks Bridge, Charleston Park, East Bank, Little Hall, Little River, Shoal Creek, Tidwell, Vanns Tavern and Van Pugh ramps are all open.

Bass fishing has been good with the warmer weather.

This is the time of year that you can really start "junk" fishing.

This is a term that anglers use when the bass are biting lots of different baits and you can switch lures all throughout the day.

Just about any bait will work well right now.

Pick your favorite and go fishing!

Jigs and worms seem to be the best options for numbers of fish.

The drop-shot rig with a sharp Gamakatsu hook is a great technique around the docks with deep water near a shallow flat.

The Hummingbird 777c unit is showing a lot of bait midway in the backs of the lower lake creeks.

The upper lake should be about the same.

Jerk Baits and SPRO Aruka Shads are working on main lake points and pockets.

Try working soft plastic worms, Tru Tungsten Darter Head finesse worms or jigs and stair step them down the cuts midway in the backs of the creeks. Top water plugs like a SPRO Dawg will work very well in the backs of the creeks. Live minnows on flat lines continue to work great right now.

Striper fishing is very good.

Use large live bait like small trout, gizzard shad, blue backs or medium shiners.

Fish these baits on flat lines and planner boards mid way to the backs of the creeks and coves.

Watch the birds and they will give away the best locations. Small buck tails or Zoom Flukes thrown to the active schools will work well when they are on the surface.

Any lower lake creek or up in the rivers will old these shallow fish.

Umbrella rigs are producing OK but the live bait is best.

If you want to fish from the banks, try the area around Shoal Creek, Holly Park or up in Wahoo Creek and fish a live blue back below a slip bobber.

Crappie fishing is good. There are plenty of small crappie close to the banks.

Fish small jigs very slowly at 5-10 feet around docks that have brush piles for the larger crappie.

If you catch one fish stick around that area and work it hard because these fish are in tight schools.

Minnow below a float at around 3 -5 feet are producing well.

Keith Pace of Crappie Spoons says that Wahoo Creek is holding some good schools of Crappie

Trout fishing is a little better with the warming water and the DNR is stocking plenty of new ignorant trout that are very easy to catch.

Worms (where permitted) or small gold spinners in the deeper will work well.

On warmer days fish the rapids.

When the new fish are stocked just about any bait or lures will work well this week.


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