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Former Georgia English bulldog mascot Uga IX dies in his sleep 1 month after giving up title
Georgia mascot Uga IX sits on the field during a ceremony where his replacement Que, background, was installed as Uga X against Georgia Southern Nov. 21 in Athens. - photo by John Bazemore

ATHENS — Former Georgia mascot Uga IX, the white English bulldog known as Russ, has died only 1 month after giving up his title.

The Savannah, Georgia-based Seiler family, the long-time owners of the Georgia line of mascots, says Russ died in his sleep early Monday morning.

Russ, who was 11, retired before the Nov. 21 game against Georgia Southern when the collar was officially passed along to his successor, Uga X, who is known as Que. Que served as mascot in an unofficial capacity during the 2015 season before his title became official.

Russ had a record of 44-19 as Georgia mascot. He served as interim mascot for 25 games before being officially promoted before the Florida Atlantic game on Sept. 15, 2012.

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