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Your views: Senior Centers garden benefits Toys for Tots
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I saw and heard of many acts of caring during this holiday season and would like to mention one.

This past summer, Eddie Thompson, a member of the Senior Center at the Community Services Center, planted a garden at the center. He carefully tended the garden even though we had a severe dry period. He harvested and sold $125 worth of okra during the summer and donated all the proceeds to the local Toys for Tots this Christmas.

This was indeed a labor of love and Eddie is looking forward to another opportunity to serve next summer.

Bob Hamrick


City’s code needs to address warehouse

I hope the City Council is busy making New Year’s resolutions, and I would like to suggest one. The city code seems to need some tweaking.

The item most on the minds of the residents on Berkley Court and parts of Riverside Drive and Lanier Avenue is how a homeowner can manage to build a warehouse in his backyard with the blessings of the city.

We are told it’s within the limits of the city code so his permit is legal. The building is so huge we can’t even hide it with fences or Leland Cypress trees.

Please, council members, change the code so that a backyard building "for one’s own personal use" looks more like a two car garage than a carpet warehouse.

Helen Vance Wilson


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