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Your Views: Pets in city need owners to clean up after them
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I'd first like to thank those pet owners who so thoughtfully and responsibly "scoop" when walking their dogs.

There seem to be so many other pet owners that either don't know or care that their pet "droppings" are toxic to lawns and flowers and awful to accidentally step in!

As a homeowner who takes pride in her yard, it's really aggravating to watch these pet owners allow their dog to relieve themselves on people's lawns and flower beds while the owner just stands there, and then walks away without scooping. We have a lovely little park on my street and I see the same thing happening there.

I don't know if it would help, but I'd like to kindly request that when you walk your dog, please don't let them "do their business" in our yards, and please always scoop after your pets. Thank you.

Jean Bennett

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