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Your Views: Obama isnt keeping his promises to nation
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Well, well, well. We now see that the Democrats under this administration are doing what they could not do under the Bush Administration. The president was really concerned about our economy when his first executive order was to shut down the Guantanamo Bay terrorist facility and turn the poor little mistreated terrorists loose to do what they do best.

Already the terrorist who was instrumental in bombing one of our embassies, the USS Cole and God knows what else that killed many of our servicemen, according to the news media the charges are to be dropped against him.

Those poor little terrorists that you do-gooders like so much would as soon cut off your head as look at you, and our armed servicemen are accused of waterboarding them!

Most of you have never been in a prison camp, or for that matter have never served in our armed services, and do not know what waterboarding is. It is much better than what the U.S. prisoners in Vietnam, Korea or Japan faced. Our armed service members are trained to kill and extract information from our enemies, and then our illustrious leaders want to set rules and punish them for it? They have no idea what they are playing with!

This administration is taking this country down that proverbial road, and they have proved it with this so-called stimulus package. Instead of giving the workers in this country a six-month tax break and allowing our country to get back on track, the White House thinks it can spend their way out of this problem with temporary jobs and stupid, ignoramus bills for condoms, water parks, Frisbee parks, and, oh yes, fund abortions overseas.

Obama is going to put this immense tax burden on your grandchildren and mine. He promised during his campaign that before he signed a bill he would put it on his Web site for anyone who wanted to comment on it.

Well guess what? He has not done that, and he has signed several bills and several administrative orders. Mr. President, you lied to the American public! You cheated the American public out of their being able to respond to you.

Come on, Mr. Obama, wake up. This country is in bad shape, and so far you have not helped one bit.

Paul S. Barnes
Flowery Branch