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Your Views: Bible is clear that we should care for animals
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In reference to  Jezzeree Lott’s viewpoint on not bothering the church with the teaching of animal rights: The Bible clearly states we are to care for them deeply.

Proverbs 12:10 (KJV) tells us, "A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal and the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel." Also, Ecclesiastes 3:19, Palms 36:6, Luke 3:6, Revelations 5:13, Isaiah 65:25 Genesis 1:30. Let’s not forget the Ark and the Flood.

I am not a Bible scholar, but it does seem God has put great value on animals and their care.

Do animals go to heaven? The question is put to the Rev. Billy Graham many times and his answer is, "If it takes animals to make you happy in Heaven then God will have them there."

That’s enough for me. I am looking forward to seeing all 76 of mine.

Susan Bone

Free market should reform feds, not other way around
Regarding Jesse Corn’s column on Friday, it is complete socialist bologna.

A better topic would have been: Bankers should oversee complete federal government reform. And along with the bankers should also be doctors, plumbers, retailers, auto mechanics and all of the other taxpaying citizens who are fed up with the Fed.

Notice that I left out lawyers.

Rick Frommer