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Your Views: Wrong vote cast would have been a despicable act
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While I was casting my vote at the recent presidential election, I realized how easy it would have been for me to punch the wrong button and select the wrong candidate, and about the possibility of not being able to correct the error I had made and therefore, God forbid, my vote had counted.

What if I had mistakenly voted for President Barack Obama? Then I would have done the most despicable act against my God and my country! I would have declared to God that I no longer wanted His blessings on America, that I wanted a nonbeliever to continue to rule our country.

I have always been a patriot and supporter of our military. Thank God for the ones who have fought and given their all. If I had allowed this vote to stand, then I would have betrayed my country and every veteran that has given of themselves so we may enjoy the freedom we hold so dearly.

Also, by casting this vote, there is no earthly way I could claim to be a Christian. I may continue to attend church with a smile and pretend to be something I was not.

I would no longer be a Christian if I voted for a man whose sole purpose is to dismantle and destroy the America we all love.

Lamar Wilbanks

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