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Your Views: US federal government is overstepping Constitution
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I can still remember when living your life based upon Biblical principles, being kind by helping others, holding the door open for someone about to enter, giving a little money to charities that try to save lives not destroy them, pay your taxes on time, work to earn your income, all would label you a model citizen.

Not any more; in fact, a good person is now the enemy of our government. Why is our federal government buying billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition, and thousands of fully automatic rifles? Are they planning for war? Who is the enemy?

If your answer is the model citizen of yesterday, you’re correct. Our government fears honest, hard-working citizens who can fend for themselves rather than feed from the big government trough. According to the U.S. Constitution, the federal government does not have the authority to reach into our lives as they are doing. The state government is the highest authority in the land, and local law enforcement has jurisdiction within its borders, not the federal government.

Things aren’t looking too well for the U.S.A. right now because of a vacuum of leadership at the federal level. It should be a fairly easy task to abide by the Constitution. It is clear just what powers are enumerated to the federal government.

We now have a horde of people in D.C. that do not like America and will stop at nothing to change it and institute their brand of immoral totalitarianism which, by the way, has never worked throughout human history.

I look to Gov. Nathan Deal and Sheriff Gerald Couch to lead by example and serve the great people of Georgia and Hall County and shield us from a federal government gone wild. I have faith that they will.

Jim Gorman

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