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Your Views: Times staffer should have backed off
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In reference to The Times’ photographer, Nat Gurley, charged with obstruction: I am sure Gurley was just attempting to do his job. However, the law enforcement people were also attempting to do their job.

From what the article said, Gurley was asked multiple times to move away from the scene so the officers could get evidence and check all the surrounding area for anything that may have been involved. Your article said they explained to Gurley they needed to extend the crime scene and to please move further away. When advised by officers he could move or go to jail for obstruction, his reply was “then take me to jail.”

In my opinion, he got what he asked for: a few hours in the lockup, because he was arrogant. I’m so tired of hearing about someone’s rights being violated. I would bet Gurley is a big liberal from San Francisco or New York.

Neil Boykin

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