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Your Views: Those outside of city dont want extra taxes from annexation
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The city of Gainesville is up to its same old dirty tricks. Its leaders failed in their scam annexation attempts a couple of years ago, and now they’re trying again. They’ve shrewdly set their “public hearings” for times when impacted business owners cannot attend to look in their faces and register outrage publicly. The City Council also has done its very best to minimize awareness that meetings are even being held on Monday.

I am the owner of a retail business located in the Towne Center shopping center on Browns Bridge Road. My business has been operating in this location for more than 17 years and at another location within the city limits prior to that.

We relocated to this location specifically to avoid confiscatory property taxation from Gainesville, at rates double what we pay in county taxes. When we were briefly located inside the city limits, we received no services of value from the city but had to pay ridiculous higher taxes.

Gainesville, leave us alone! No tenants in this shopping center want annexation, and you’ll force us to flee to new locations outside city limits if you proceed with this land grab. No one has asked you to stick your noses into our businesses, and we certainly don’t need your hands in our pockets.

We have a federal government that taxes without representation and goes against the expressed majority will of “We the People” on issues such as mandated health care. We do not need that same sort of elitist attitude at our local level. Listen to us, the people who would be impacted: Leave us alone.

Craig Cook

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