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Your Views: The uninformed should stay home on Election Day
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I marvel at the Obamanites as they dance, squirm, and do all sorts of linguistic gymnastics to avoid having the Obamacare labeled a tax. It was extremely difficult to hold my lunch, last Sunday, while watching Obama’s chief of staff, Jack Ludicrous, dodge the bullets Chris Wallace fired at him on Fox News. His nose grew a foot before the interview was over.

What we have seen is one man, Chief Justice John Roberts, drive a square peg into a round hole and change this nation into a full-fledged welfare state. We are “covered” now but have become fellow travelers with Greece. Obama and the Dems have not only pushed grandma over the cliff but an entire nation, both liberals and conservatives.

As I contemplated the ramifications of this law, I cannot envision it boding well for the old and those who have an incurable illness or expensive remedies. We will be a burden on the system. If anyone thinks we can take on tens of millions more people on an already strained system, cut Medicare by half a trillion, in an economy near bankruptcy and not have rationing, they have moved out of Realville. The healthcrats will have no choice but pull the plug on the “unproductive.” We will have a duty to move on to that land where there is no sickness, no medical bills and all things will be made new.

Not only will this law make health care less affordable, less available, less desirable but will/has destroyed the very foundation on what has made this nation exceptional, the U.S. Constitution. When the lawless rule, it is irrelevant. We have one more opportunity to turn the ship of state before it collides with the iceberg of colossal out-of-control government. A collision with this monster can only have one outcome, the drowning of liberty and freedom in the icy waters of chaos and tyranny.

We are often urged to “go vote;” it is our civic duty. I say to those who don’t comprehend what is at stake Nov. 6, stay home and watch Looney Tunes. You will be doing yourself and the nation a great service.

Gary Gambrell