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Your Views: T-SPLOST lets us deal with our local needs
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This time, they got it right with T-Tax.

Whatever you think of the proposed Transportation Tax, you have to admit that whoever came up with the idea of localizing the planning and decision process really got it right.

From the start, the politicians have been kept at arm’s-length. Only local folks — people like you and me — and our representatives from each county in our Georgia Mountains region were involved in developing the project list for the T-Tax.

Then, provided the T-Tax passes, the doling out of the money for each project will continue to be overseen by the public in each region across the state. One-hundred percent of the tax revenue stays here at home with a 75-25 split between regional projects and local road improvements for counties and municipalities. As someone who runs one of the region’s attractions and highest external economic revenue generators I know the value of improving and keeping our transportation corridors open and friendly. We also know what impact it has on major companies considering relocating to this area.

It’s a tax that can bring more revenue and help us grow. It will be controlled by us and benefit us directly here at home. Even better, Hall County gets a higher return on the T-Tax than other counties in the region because of our continued economic and population growth.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Geoff Lee
Flowery Branch