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Your Views: Speak up and encourage your friends to recycle, not litter
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Back in early April The Times printed my letter encouraging people to recycle. I’m the guy who goes around Clermont picking up recyclables people throw out their vehicle windows, and this practice has allowed me to draw a few conclusions about litterers.

It seems to me you can separate those who discard alcoholic beverage containers from those who toss food containers with the beer drinkers doing so to destroy evidence of their lawbreaking. At least it makes sense, especially if they’re under age.

I used to be one of those, except I was the quiet kid (usually in the back seat) who didn’t actually throw the evidence out the window. I just let others do it and I usually didn’t say anything. Maybe I should say something now. Hey fellas, don’t do that.

I think those who throw food containers out are actually worse litterers though because there is no reason for that. If mom and dad used to do it, be better than them. It isn’t excusable for any reason really, unless you are living in your car, and if that’s the case, may the Lord be with you. I’ll pick up after you in that case.

So let me make the case for recycling these things. Some private recyclers are giving a percentage of aluminum profits for the Relay for Life breast cancer research drive. Who can’t get behind that? Also investigative reporters have traced our petrol dollars paid to the Saudis to al-Qaida so why not recycle your plastics to help reduce the threat of terrorism? In both cases the benefit of recycling is admittedly small but at least it is something.

So that’s my pitch this time and if it makes sense to you, don’t be like the quiet kid in the back seat, speak up and encourage your friends to recycle.

Donald Waara

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