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Your Views: Shouldnt we help someone?
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So I was at the gym earlier and conversation turned to Syria. “What do you think we should do?” “I don’t know, what do you think we should do?”

One guy says, I think we should stay out of it. We should help our own first. I replied, wouldn’t that be nice! Then he asks me, “Do you think we could afford it?”

Afford it? We could afford to feed every person in the world if we wanted to. We could afford to give a house to every homeless person in the U.S. if we wanted to. We could afford to provide health care to each and every American if we wanted to, but we’d rather call our fellow Americans lazy.

Ask to raise taxes to help fellow citizens have access to health care and near riots will break out, but ask to raise taxes for war and you’re a good patriot.

I say, let’s take action in Syria. The government is using chemical weapons on its own civilians. If we don’t care anything about the guy that lives next door, then at least we can do good for someone in the world. Let’s go save some Syrians!

Devidyal Givens

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