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Your Views: President was wrong to leak classified info on SEAL raid
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Referring to the July 25 article about leaking classified information, I am in complete agreement with Mitt Romney. Furthermore, it was hard to believe when I saw the film which very closely (I presume) followed the exploits and duties carried out by SEAL Team Six. I spent 20 plus years in the Army and all but basic training required a top secret clearance and some even higher. In that time we could not even overfly (as a passenger) any Soviet country.

Later on, we could and could even have stops in them providing we were on an American flagged airplane. Even though my wife and children accompanied me during 13« years and six tours overseas, to this day I still must not divulge what I did.

She was curious as were other wives, but after awhile, the “what did you do todays?” stopped and that was it.

Then I see in the paper and on TV where President Barack Obama is telling the whole world what happened: how many choppers, how many seals, on down to how many people were shot and every other detail of the operation. Even though no names were given, it pretty much narrows the field of participants to any would-be, martyr-seeking Islamist who has a desire to blow himself up to get to all those virgins in paradise.

Maybe in the 30 plus years since I retired from the Army things have changed, but I think that three words we used to abide by, “need to know,” is still being widely used today.

I guess that’s what they in politics call executive privilege. Ask Admiral McRaven; I think he’ll agree with me.

Joseph McGuigan

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