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Your Views: Petersons real mistake was fathering so many kids, not disciplining one
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I agree with Christine Flowers’ article from Tuesday. I grew up in the ’50s and 60s and received many spankings from my father. That was the culture then, just as it was for Adrian when he was growing up. I spanked my children in the ’70s. As Christine says, times have changed; my children did not spank their children in the ’90s.

Peterson’s biggest problem, which no one has addressed, is that he fathered several children out of wedlock, leaving them to be raised by single mothers, something that unfortunately is acceptable in our culture today.

We wonder what is wrong with this picture, but just look at the inner cities of all our major cities: Too many single mothers trying to raise their children with no father to help discipline their children. Peterson only sees his children on a limited basis and tries to correct the problems with his children during this short time, so he reverts to what his father used to correct his errors.

So why do we chastise him for spanking his children instead of not being a father to his kids? Again, a total change in what is acceptable in our culture today. Listening to the nightly Atlanta news with all the brutal things that happen to the little children, we should thank Peterson for trying to teach his kids the right things in life. Even if spanking is old school, I do believe it still works.

Ken Flammang


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