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Your Views: Nation now sees Obamas shortcomings
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We are beginning to see the results of putting someone in high office with little experience, limited know-how, carelessness, who is difficult to negotiate with and hesitant to admit he made a mistake.

I don’t believe President Barack Obama intentionally came up with the affordable health care bill to hurt anyone. However, he was warned months ago this bill needed to be postponed because it was to difficult to understand and had hundreds of rules and laws that would cause confusion. He was adamant, unyielding, to get it passed. So the Democrats met by themselves and, with Obama’s insistence, they pushed it through.

Now we are just beginning to see the problems it has caused and will cause more. I will never understand why many vote for someone not knowing his background, what his policies have been in the past and what his education and course of study and degree were in. He has no experience in medicine, no experience in foreign affairs, none in military preparedness. He has a law degree, which we all know would prepare one to exaggerate the truth.

I must mention what many said when he was running for president. Many white citizens warned what has come to pass: If he were to get elected and anyone criticize him for a certain policy, you’re going to hear from his supporters, “You just can’t stand the fact a black man is in the White House.”

Why can’t these people see that, in order for him to get elected, he had to get the majority of white votes to win? And think about it: In our country, we have black mayors, governors, congressmen, senators, Supreme Court justices and now, even with his many shortcomings, a black president.

Political parties like to put someone in front of the media who is nice-looking, a family man, who can make a great speech, and Obama has those qualities.

This country is in deep trouble financially. We can’t go on forever owing other countries trillions. If you cannot understand how much money that is, go ask bank professionals or a math teacher. It will scare the hell out of you.

P.S.: My emails to the Democratic Party are no longer being accepted, though in no way did I use any foul language or threaten the president. But they are being blocked anyway.

Neil Boykin

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