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Your Views: Many local church members do make an effort to offer comfort
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I read with interest Suzanne Ivey’s recent letter to the editor about Meals on Wheels and the elderly. Her question was “Where are the churches?”

The church I attend encourages members to make regular visits to retirement homes, nursing homes and to those members who are “at home.”

I also know that many churches from many different denominations provide a program called Stephen Ministry, a one-to-one caring and listening ministry where a troubled or lonely person is visited once a week by a trained layperson, as long as the care receiver desires the visit.

There are also members of Sunday school classes who make frequent visits to their homebound members and will bring food to those class members who are sick. Additionally, some of our own church members deliver Meals on Wheels.

Suzanne’s question was “What would Jesus say?” Well, He once said, “I was sick and you looked after Me, I was in prison and you visited Me.”

She asks, “Where are the churches?” After worshipping together, the ministers and members of the vast majority of our community churches are out visiting and providing great care, serving our Lord, and serving others. The church that I attend certainly does!

Bruce Fields

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