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Your Views: Government should come together to serve the people
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Have vanity, ideology and shortsightedness prevented us as elected officials from accomplishing the purpose that we were elected to do by the people?

Today as we watch television and reading the newspaper, I truly believe we do not understand what we were elected to do. Or has decency, respect and veneration been ignored along with the lack of common sense?

I was sent by our Lula government to take training courses in Savannah, that I might be able to understand how to run a government more effectively and efficiently for everyone in our community to have a better life and safe neighborhood.

I learned that in government if you hope to carry out these things that can promote an environment for everyone concerned, we must set aside our differences to accomplish our goals. Too often, when we are required to make decisions, sometimes the thought comes up in our mind: What is in it for me? That helps to cloud our judgement.

I am very glad that some of the great men and women that helped to shape our government were able to set aside their differences and outline a government that has survived for hundreds of years.

The city of Lula, far from the things we need to make a better place for people to live, educate their children and provide a better income, is pulling together, from the mayor’s office, city manager, clerks, council and our dedicated employees, to achieve these goals.

Mordecai Wilson
Lula City Councilman

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