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Your Views: Despite tragedy, Habersham sheriff is a man to trust
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There is no way in the world to minimize the tragedy in Habersham County in which a child was critically injured by a “flash-bang” device used during a drug raid there. I feel confident the facts will be searched out and proper action, whatever it may need be, will be taken. Possibly, we will never know exactly what transpired.

However, one thing I personally know for sure is that Sheriff Joey Terrell is a fantastic law enforcement officer and, even more important, he is a very, very good man.

In my job in state law enforcement, I have worked closely with the sheriff and his men and I know he demands the very best of himself and his officers. Knowing Sheriff Terrell, I’d bet the farm that he will carry the burden of this terrible situation on his broad shoulders forever. Would that it were not so, but in the real world of law enforcement, no matter how much you plan, how careful you are, what ends you go to in order to protect every innocent person — and still, by mandate, protect the rights of suspected perpetrators — things can, and will, go badly.

I hope we all say a prayer tonight for the little boy who is suffering so much because of this tragic mistake and because his family was thrust into harm’s way, through no fault of their own, by what can only be termed our “illegal drug society.”

And,when you say your prayers, say one for Sheriff Terrell also. He’s a man who makes Habersham County a safer and better place to live.

Bimbo Brewer

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