Hall, Gainesville schools to hold remote learning day Thursday, as Hurricane Zeta bears down on Gulf Coast
The Gainesville City School System will not hold in-person classes on Thursday, Oct. 29, as Hall County prepares strong winds and heavy rain expected from Hurricane Zeta. Class is still in session but will be hosted virtually, the school system says.
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Your Views: Cracker Fly-in was a success, though a bit hard to locate
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High fives to the good folks who organized and staged last weekend’s Cracker Fly-in. We were blessed with a perfect day and the aircraft and people connected with them provided a fun time for everybody.

However, let me suggest that the organizers next year spend more attention and money to signage for the event along Candler Highway. We got lost, and I spoke with half a dozen others who were confused about where to turn.

Add another $1 to the admission and invest those funds in a big, highly visible sign showing just where to turn. And pray for another day like the one we just had.

C. Randall Murray

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