Buford couple charged in death of 5-year-old daughter
A Buford couple is behind bars on murder charges in the June death of their severely malnourished 5-year-old daughter, according to authorities. Investigators say the parents neglected their child.
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Your Views: As with World War II, Middle East war should unite us in common cause
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What a blessing to have the documentary “The Roosevelts” presenting an inspiring family biography filling us with the spirit of grace, inspiration and love so necessary in a time of war. By presenting a balanced picture with full, admirable bios of Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor, Ken Burns reminds us of the right spirit, not only of grace and love but of perseverance, courage and determination, optimism and faith necessary for victory.

Expressing that faith and hope in a prayer over the airwaves at the beginning of World War II, FDR stated that by the grace of God and the righteousness of our cause, our sons would triumph. By presenting both sides’ contributions to that history, Burns has affirmed the necessity for both parties, showing the positive picture of Americans coming together in a common cause — working toward common ground — an especially inspirational image as America goes to war in the Mideast.

The documentary reminds us that unity is achieved when commitment to a cause is attained, when sacrifice is asked for and given. Just as they realized the threat from Germany and Japan after Pearl Harbor, Americans realize the gravity of the threat posed by the Islamic State. The time is ripe to ask for commitment by the American people, presenting ways that Americans can make sacrifices which help the war effort, sacrifices which keep us sober and connected with our troops, giving Americans a spirit of hope, faith and optimism for the eventual victory such as Americans experienced during World War II under FDR.

May God bless these saints in heaven as their spirits lead us here in the way we should go. May God bless His world faith community and leaders on both sides of the aisle, restoring in America the hope, optimism and belief that America will prevail. May God bless all who love America and seek her best interests, instilling in us now a spirit of brotherly love, grace and goodwill, even and especially during this time and war.

May God bless the USA.

Elizabeth Hinesley

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