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Your Views: Affordable health care still out of reach for some
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Dear President Obama: I am taking this opportunity to let you know how the Affordable Care Act has affected me and my husband.

I am 57 years old and my husband is 59 years old. We both work full time. Neither of our employers offer health insurance, so we have not been covered for the last 10 years.

We own our home so we have a mortgage, car payment, insurance and utilities. We go out to eat if we are lucky once every two weeks. We do not use credit cards. We rarely go on vacation or buy ourselves anything nice. We pretty much live week to week but are comfortable with our lives. We do not ask for handouts.

Now, my government is insisting that we somehow come up with at least $900 per month to pay for insurance. Now let me explain — the cheapest insurance we could find at $900 per month has a $12,000 deductible so basically, unless we are hospitalized, does us absolutely no good for basic health care.

We do not qualify for any of these subsidies I keep hearing about other people are getting. We pay our taxes and usually our IRS return is put into savings to take care of any extra expenses that always happen in life. This year of course, because of our penalty for not having health care, our refund basically was taken away.

I’m sure some staff of a staff of a staff member will read this letter and your eyes will never see it, but I just wanted you to know how the average middle-income American is affected by the “Affordable Care Act.” It sure is not very affordable to us.

Maybe we should just quit our jobs, lose our house, go on food stamps. Then we can afford health care because the U.S. government will pay for it!

Kathy Schaefer

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