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Our Views: Global warming is a hoax aimed at share the wealth ideology
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In response to the ridiculous diatribe that Gerald Tipton wrote and was printed in The Times on Friday, Sept. 26, I will respectfully say the following: The presupposition that global warming is a fact is erroneous. There are many learned people in the scientific community who do not believe that this theory is true.

Global warming is no more than an elaborate hoax by the liberal elite for communistic “share the wealth” ideology. The mere fact that for the last several years the average temperature of the Earth is actually cooling proves this and secondly, most human beings are not physically designed for a vegetarian diet. Meat contains proteins and other nutrients which human beings need to survive. And finally, most people love meat and are not willing to give it up as it is one of the basic joys of life.

If Mr. Tipton thinks that Americans are simply going to give up meat and dairy products to satisfy this extremist, unhealthy ideology, he is sadly mistaken. I say in closing to the people of America: Enjoy your pot roast tonight!

The Rev. Stacy Wade


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