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Coach Lofton an inspiration and second father to many youngsters
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I would just like to add a few words to the column written by Ronda Rich on Coach Jim Lofton.

Coach Lofton didn’t just limit his mentoring to young men and their families. When I entered Jefferson High School back in 1967, I was a shy, somewhat scared teenage girl. One day Coach Lofton came to study hall, called me and a friend out, and asked if we wanted to be his aides.

Little did we know just how much our high school experience was about to change, just because we came to know Jim Lofton. We were given so many opportunities, and he supported and mentored us like a second father. He never took “no” for an answer, because he wanted you to try and be the best you could be.

Even after high school, as I was working as a dental hygienist, Coach called and said he and Mrs. Lofton were looking for a new dentist, and they wanted to come to the one that I worked for!

That was just “Coach,” always making you feel good about yourself and always being supportive. He was a special man, and I consider myself very blessed to have known him.

Nan Kinney McNeal

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