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Climate change is a cyclical occurrence not caused by man
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Whenever you see someone decry industrial influence on “climate change,” you generally can be sure you are reading compost. The entire notion of “man-made” or “human-induced” or “anthropogenic” climate change is phony.

The idea that “the contribution of the U.S.A. to carbon dioxide emissions influences climate worldwide” is pure blather. The U.S. is a decreasingly small fraction of carbon emissions worldwide, and will be smaller in the years ahead. China is now, and will remain by far, the greater contributor, and will not decrease its carbon emissions for any reason at all.

The usual reason for all the hoopla about “man-made” climate change is to provide political cover for leftist political rants and controls, not analytical science. Columns are written about how one political party generally disregards “climate change,” and is therefore called ignorant boobies or worse. The fact is, climate change is entirely beyond human influence.

Carbon dioxide is not the chief, nor even a significant, cause of climate change. Since cold seawater holds a lot more carbon dioxide in solution than warm water, carbon dioxide is usually a following indicator of a warming earth, as oceans release carbon dioxide dissolved during the previous hundred thousand cold years.

Some facts to remember: 1. Warm spells in the past half-million years have been rare; 2. Most of the time, the earth is cool, or even cold, which is a very hard place to live; 3. Most warm spells take many thousands of years to melt ice, after which the earth enjoys warmth for a while, maybe five or 10 centuries; 4. Those warm climates disappear when temperatures decline again into another 500 centuries (50,000!) cold years.

Our current warm spell has been here for 100 centuries, or 10,000 years. Clearly unusual, this long warm spell suggests the earth is due for a cooling. If you do not believe me, examine the data from the Vostok ice core, at

The last thing the world needs is another ice age because plants do not grow well in cold weather. So, because carbon dioxide is a potent fertilizer for green plants, we might conclude that carbon emissions currently are not a problem, but a good idea.

The real problem now is political, meaning especially political freedom for ordinary people. Freedom is currently nicely defined in the U.S. Constitution. Let’s do things that way, and forget all this blather about “climate change.”

And please, do not fall for the big lie that “climate change” is doom for us all. It certainly is not doom for rich people, who will always do OK. Climates always change.

Today, it is time to change the thinking inside the Washington Beltway, Republican or Democrat. Those establishments are mostly rich, powerful and fearful of ordinary citizens who are also free, educated and diligent.

Freedom is not free. Stick up for it, at home and abroad. If that means we must defeat the leftist bluster and blather regarding “global warming,” well that’s fine with me.

W. T. (Ted) Hinds

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