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Letter: What happened to Mexico paying for border wall?
A family looks toward metal bars marking the United States border where it meets the Pacific Ocean Wednesday, March 2, 2016, in Tijuana, Mexico. - photo by Associated Press

I write in strict unbelief at the letter on the Dec. 27 Times editorial page. In 13 paragraphs, the writer begins nine with the word “Democrats.”

We are in receipt of the most intellectually sterile presentation seen in recent memory of a topic that could have been given a fine view of one side of the matter if the writer had not been trapped by his own logic.

He rails about those who do not support the wall. He says that some leaders have supported the matter in the past, and he backs up the assertion by telling us that “videos don’t lie.” This may be one of the only true statements in the letter.

Several national journals report that there are slightly over 335 videos of Trump promising that Mexico was going to pay for the wall. Do we notice how he somehow fails to mention even one of those videos? None of those videos from 2016 and 2015 promise Mexico would reimburse the wall costs. Every video says Mexico will pay.

The only other possible true statement made is that Democrats refuse to fund the wall. Why should they fund it? Fedex advises there are six flights each day from Mexico City to New York. Why cannot our leader, whose heart I sincerely bless, get us the tracking number for the check that, per his promise, is on the way to Trump Tower?

I volunteer to track it for all of us to assure on-time delivery.

He says that some say the wall is “too expensive” but that this is nonsense.

Of course it is nonsense because we were promised we were not paying. It makes no difference how much the wall costs since Mexico is funding it. Why would we wish to fund a wall twice when all we have to do is cash the check now in transit?

Our final paragraph informs that Trump was elected because he promised to build a wall on our southern border. Do we notice that our writer only mentions half the promise? All our national security concerns will be fully met as soon as we get that tracking number.

Six inches to the right of this letter of omission resides one of the most powerful recent columns by Jonah Goldberg listing the top nine character flaws of our leader, concluding with “his inexhaustible capacity to lie.” Surely he never lied about the check being in the mail?

Michael Hawkins


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