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Letter: Utility linemen deserve thanks and praise for the job they do
09142017 POWER 3.jpg
Linemen Clint Capes, left, and Sam Albright work on a newly installed power pole in South Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017. - photo by Nick Bowman

I hope many of your readers took the time to read the full-page “congratulations” ad for the Jackson EMC folks in The Times’ Saturday edition. We all tend to take our electric service for granted and expect all things to work every time we throw a switch. However, after storms and other major climate events, we sometimes see the effects on the electrical infrastructure. 

The work these folks do in rain, snow, darkness, extreme cold and heat, and other accidental events is amazing and unfortunately very few folks outside their co-workers and family know the extreme physical difficulty and skills needed to be a lineman. 

I have had a couple of chances to attend the Linesman Rodeo in Perry and marvel at the work all these folks do. Whether they work for Georgia Power, EMCs or municipalities, we all owe these folks a big “thank you” for doing this very tough work to keep our electricity on.

Thanks to Jackson EMC for making folks aware of these wonderful employees. 

Frank Frederick


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