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Letter: Gainesville’s traffic problems worse than most cities its size
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Motorists travel eastbound along Dawsonville Highway in Gainesville Tuesday, April 10, 2018, between Ahaluna Drive and McEver Road. - photo by Scott Rogers

Almost five years ago, my wife and I sold our business and our dream home in Arizona after 26 years of being away from our beloved South. We were retiring and, after working in metro Atlanta twice for eight years and loving North Georgia, we did an exhaustive search of the inland South, mostly in the foothills and mountain areas of North Georgia, and we chose Gainesville to build our new home in which to spend our retirement years and moved here almost four years ago, feeling we had picked the Promised Land.

The one item we overlooked in our detailed search in looking for a new home was traffic flow, good roads, etc. During my career, I have lived and worked in Atlanta, Phoenix, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and several other medium-sized cities. None of them have the horrible daily traffic problems per capita that exist in Gainesville.

A city this size should normally have good egress and access and good traffic flow most of the time. Instead, it is a rare event in Gainesville. 

At first, most of our medical appointments were located in the east Jesse Jewell area that require running the gauntlet of 18-wheel chicken trucks, dozens of taxis with rude drivers and dozens of large freight trucks through downtown and the square area. That is insane!

We have now changed most of our medical appointments to the medical center in Braselton. The trip is 3 or 4 miles longer, but the time is the same or less, depending on the time of day. The added benefit is that my blood pressure stays much lower by avoiding Gainesville downtown and the square, which I am passionate about.

I don’t claim to be a traffic engineer, just to have a little common sense. Gainesville needs to ban large trucks from the city streets and provide a bypass loop like hundreds of other cities all over the country do every day.

We live here for the duration now because it is not feasible to sell and move, particularly at our age. I cannot be the only person who feels this way. This problem needs fixing yesterday!

Curt Corkern Sr.


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