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Opinion: Stimulus spending is worth the debt
Road Work.jpg
A road crew works to complete the resurfacing of Parker Street March 17, 2020, in Gainesville. - photo by Scott Rogers

Each year I attend my bootcamp platoon reunion in Raritan, New Jersey. Our platoon was unusual in that all 75 of us signed up together and entered the Marine Corps as the John Basilone Honor Platoon. That was back in July 1962, and this year was our 60th anniversary.

Why go into this?

Including Georgia, my road trip to the reunion includes eight states. I drove about 900 miles in each direction and took slightly different paths going and coming because I include visiting family with these trips.

I was surprised with the amount of roadwork being conducted in each state. Many sections of the interstates have been repaved or are in the process of being paved. Many bridges were being repaired and at least one new bridge was being constructed.

For decades, this nation’s infrastructure has been in decline.  Maintenance has been put off and this situation was only going to get worse unless government acted. That action is evident now.  Federal stimulus money is part of the reason. States have the money to improve infrastructure because the federal government provided much of the funding.

Why did I write this letter to the editor?

Last week I drove the length of Mundy Mill Drive. The entire length has been repaved and that is one more sign of federal money improving our lives.

Some will fault this spending for an increase in the federal deficit. Many will blame Democrats, but they need to realize, putting off these necessary repairs was only going to become more expensive in the future. This is something that needed doing and the nation will benefit for years to come.

There are worse things than big government and governments that accomplish little is one of them.

Jimmy O’Neill