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Letter: Damage done by Barack Obama still hurting our nation
09262018 OBAMA
Former President Barack Obama speaks as he campaigns in support of Pennsylvania candidates in Philadelphia, Friday, Sept. 21, 2018. - photo by Associated Press

The eight years of poor leadership under Barack Obama continue to haunt our nation. Although George W. Bush did a poor job of holding down spending, Obama took it to new levels of over $20 trillion, from which we will never fully recover.  

His foreign policy can be summed up simply by saying when he and Bill Clinton left office, all of our friends respected us less, all of our enemies hated us more.

Since he accomplished so little and made so many errors of judgement, he took race relations in our country back 50 years by playing the race card every chance he got.

He blamed all his shortcomings on race issues. Racism comes in both white and black. 

I am sure if the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, he would have two things to say about Obama.

The first would be “that I am so proud of our nation for electing a man of color as president.” The second thing would be “I am ashamed and embarrassed that such a poor one was picked when individuals like Andrew Young, Colin Powell and Condi Rice would have done such a marvelous job for our nation”.

The other hole he dug was on promoting partisanship instead of a close working relationship.

I think Bill Clinton did an excellent job of trying to get both parties to work together. Unfortunately, Bush did not have that priority, as both Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld did all they could to push their weight around and not seek help from the Democrats. As bad as they were, it just opened the door for Obama to make it much worse and take the lack of partisanship to higher levels.

His reason was again defensive since he accomplished so little and made so many mistakes; he looked for anyone to blame and made a bad situation worse in Congress.

If Hillary Clinton had won, the hole Obama dug would now be wider and deeper. Trump has good ideas and wants to reverse things, but he has poor communication skills and too much ego to get everyone working together.  

I have a friend that worked in Washington for many years and knew many political folks very well, and he says “Trump wants to drain the swamp, but he has no idea how wide and deep that swamp is after eight years under Obama.”

Unfortunately, the damage left by Obama will most likely continue to hurt our nation for decades to come.

Frank Frederick


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