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Letter: Couple comes to a senior’s aid when lawn mower gets away

I would like to just say thank you to a wonderful couple for being so kind and concerned for a senior person.

On Sunday, June 17, I was bored and thought my grass needed to be cut; all of my family were out of the area. I got on my trusty lawn mower and went to work cutting grass. I was cutting on the roadway embankment and all of a sudden the lawn mower began to slide down the side close to a large ravine.

I was able to exit the mower OK but the mower began to move further down the side. I was unaware that anyone had seen my situation, but Gregg Hill suddenly appeared to check on me to see if I was hurt or down the embankment. He was a very welcome sight. After being assured that I was OK, he wanted to help me retrieve the mower from the area with his pickup truck.

I also I became aware that his wife, Ann, and children were in another car and stopped to help me. Mr. and Mrs. Hill pulled the lawn mower to safe ground. I did not know either of them until Sunday, but now I consider both my friends. I did have to promise them that I would not make anymore poor judgment calls at my age.

It’s so refreshing to be able to find such caring and considerate people like Gregg and Ann Hill in this world with so much distrust and fear. Thank you both again for being such good people.

Hazel A. Butler


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