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Letter: Voters shouldnt pick candidates merely on looks, race or gender
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In 1962, when I was a lad of 10, I went with my mother to visit one of her friends. Upon arrival, the governor’s race was discussed, and my mother said, “I’m going to vote for Carl Sanders because he is so handsome.” My mother’s friend agreed that ol' Carl was a very handsome man and she was going to vote for him for the same reason.

I remember thinking to myself that was a dumb reason to vote for someone, the fact he was more handsome than the other guy.

In 2008, I wonder how many folks voted for our current president simply because of the amount of pigmentation in his skin. It didn’t matter that he was, and is, a far-left radical or that he had almost no qualifications to be president. The only thing important was skin color. I thought Martin Luther King Jr. wanted to get beyond that.

Now in 2016, we have another far left candidate who happens to be a woman. Reading and listening to various news sources, it is obvious Hillary Clinton is trying to capture the support of the majority of female voters simply because of her status as a woman.

I have zero problem with a female president; I just want a woman or man to follow the teachings of Washington, Jefferson and Madison and not those of Marx, Lenin and Mao.

I hope and pray that American women do not make the mistake of voting for the far left Clinton because of gender. Our country is at a crossroads. I don’t know if it can withstand another four- or eight-year stint of a far left administration.

Donald Trump was not my first choice, but at least with him, I can see some hope. He may sometimes be crude, but Hillary is always corrupt.

Calvin Stewart

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