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What parks, marinas are doing as Lanier hits 5 feet above full pool
02232019 LAKE 4.jpg
The walking trail alongside Lake Lanier at Longwood Park is closed Friday, Feb. 22, 2019, as high water levels have covered the sidewalk. Recent non-stop rains have caused flooding in parks around Lake Lanier and forced some boat ramps to be closed. - photo by Scott Rogers

Marinas, lake trails and boat ramps are feeling the full effects of this year’s winter precipitation, and some have had to temporarily close down until Lake Lanier’s water level decreases.

In Gainesville, the total amount of rainfall for January reached 5.62 inches, according to the National Weather Service Forecast Office. For January 2018, Gainesville received a total of 2.7 inches.

Marinas on both the northern and southern ends of the lake have shut down their gas docks for the weekend.

As of 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 22, Lake Lanier’s water level reached 1,075.12  feet above sea level, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Last year the highest level for the month rose to 1,070.57 feet above sea level on Feb. 21. Lake Lanier’s full pool level is 1,070 in the winter.

C.J. Denning, gas dock manager at Gainesville Marina and Boat Sales, said she hopes to open up the business by Monday, but it all depends on the lake levels.

She said the amount of water isn’t typical for this time of year, but it does happen. December 2017, Denning said, was the last time the marina had to close down its gas dock.

“We’re not so much worried,” she said. “Thank goodness it’s February and not the middle of the summer.”

On the southern end of the lake, Lazy Days at Holiday Marina is also experiencing the impact of the high water levels. Jenna Collier, Lazy Days office manager, said closing the gas dock is more of an inconvenience for customers than a hindrance to the marina.

Julie Butler-Colombini, marketing and communications manager for Gainesville Parks and Recreation, announced Friday temporary closures of Longwood Park’s lake walk off of Pearl Nix Parkway and the Holly Park boat ramp on Old Thompson Bridge Road.

“As of now only two are affected, but we are monitoring other lake access points,” Butler-Colombini said. “Should those rise to the point they’re unsafe, we’ll close those as well.”

Numerous boat ramps operated by the corps also are closed.

02232019 LAKE 3.jpg
Thompson Bridge Park's boat ramp is completely submerged Friday Feb. 22, 2019, as recent rains have caused flooding in parks around Lake Lanier. - photo by Scott Rogers
Closed boat ramps, parks and trails:

  • Holly Park boat ramp, 2603 Old Thompson Bridge Road, Gainesville

  • Laurel Ridge Trail, East Bank Park Road, Buford

  • Longwood Park lake walk, 20 Pearl Nix Parkway, Gainesville

  • Little River Park boat ramp, Little River Park Road, Gainesville

  • Thompson Bridge Park boat ramp, 372 Dunlap Landing Road, Gainesville

  • Simpson Park boat ramp, 3235 Simpson Park Road, Gainesville

  • Little Hall Park boat ramp, Little Hall Road, Gainesville

  • Nix Bridge boat ramp, 3600 Nix Bridge Road, Dawsonville

  • Thompson Creek Park boat ramp, 570 Thompson Creek Park Road, Dawsonville

  • West Bank Park, north of Buford Dam

02232019 LAKE 2.jpg
Holly Park's boat ramp is completely submerged Friday Feb. 22, 2019, as well as the road leading to the ramp. - photo by Scott Rogers
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