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These roads are closed across Gainesville, Hall County after Zeta storm
10302020 WEATHER 3
A tree across Bradford Street in Gainesville following overnight storms Oct. 29, 2020. - photo by Scott Rogers

Last updated at 3:52 p.m., Oct. 29:

Dozens of Gainesville streets are closed after what police called “widespread damage” following the remnants of Hurricane Zeta moving across the region overnight Oct. 29. 

Gainesville Police Sgt. Kevin Holbrook said law enforcement is advising people to stay off the roads as much as possible so that utility crews can clear the streets. 

Holbrook said there are still live power lines in certain areas that need to be secured. 

“The problem at this point is getting the utility crews to scenes,” Holbrook said. “They need to secure the scene before the trees can be cut, so (they’re) getting to things as fast as possible. It’s just there’s widespread damage.” 

Holbrook did not have an estimate on trees down but called it a “substantial amount.” 

Any intersection without a working traffic light should be considered a four-way stop, and officers are out at some intersections directing traffic. 

The city of Gainesville has a list of closed roads, which as of 3:30 p.m. Included the following: 

  • Alta Vista Road 
  • Arbor Walk Drive 
  • Beechwood Boulevard    
  • Bradford Street at Stillwood Drive and at Rudolph Street         
  • Chattahoochee Drive  
  • Chestatee Road   
  • Club Drive at East Lake Drive          
  • Crescent Drive      
  • Crestview Terrace            
  • Crystal Court    
  • Cumberland Valley Road  
  • Dixon Drive         
  • Dunlap Landing Road                 
  • Dunn Drive at Cry Creek subdivision 
  • East Lake Drive at Peninsula Road             
  • Edgewood Circle                 
  • Enota Avenue NE             
  • Etta Vesta Circle  
  • Forrest Avenue                
  • Green Street SE               
  • Hamilton Place 
  • Holly Drive at Springway Drive             
  • Hwy. 129/Athens Highway at Monroe Drive           
  • Ivey Terrace   
  • Lakeshore Circle 
  • Lakeshore Drive  
  • Lakemont Drive            
  • Lanier Avenue             
  • Lanier Springs Drive NW                 
  • Lee Street NW             
  • Main Street                 
  • Mountain View Drive 
  • Nix Drive 
  • Northside Drive                 
  • Norton Drive NE             
  • Nottingham Drive 
  • Old Hamilton Place      
  • Overlook Drive 
  • Park Hill Drive NE at Enota Avenue             
  • Park Street    
  • Patton Drive 
  • Piedmont Avenue at Green Street Circle             
  • Pearl Nix Parkway   
  • Rainey Street at Martin Alley     
  • Ridgewood Avenue          
  • Ridgewood Terrace                 
  • Riverside Drive             
  • Robinhood Trail at Fairview Drive         
  • Roper Hill Road        
  • Skelton Road at Spring Road 
  • Summit Street 
  • Thompson Bridge Road at Enota Avenue NW and at Christopher Drive     
  • Washington Street SW   
  • Wessell Drive          
  • White Sulphur Road              
  • Wilshire Road      
  • Woodland Way NE                 
  • Woodlawn Avenue 

Hall County officials said River Forks and Laurel parks are closed due to downed trees and power lines. 

Lakeshore Drive near Dawsonville Highway was closed after a tree fell and broke through a power line and a sewage pipe and also blocked the road. A Georgia Power crew was on the scene early Thursday afternoon to make sure the fallen power line was not energized before the tree could be removed and the pipe repaired.  

Kris Griffin, an employee for the City of Gainesville's Department of Water Resources, said he wasn't sure how long it would take for the road to be cleared 

He and his team would have to wait for the Georgia Power crew to finish with the line before getting to work.  

"We're waiting on the power company to make sure the power lines are not energized and our guys don't get hurt," Griffin said. "Once they get that and they tell us everything is good, we can actually start removing the tree and then we can put the sewage pipe back together." 

The Times is working to obtain a list of Hall County roads that are blocked. 

Check for updates. 

Reporter Nathan Berg contributed to this report.