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Two more rabies cases in North Hall: one cat, one raccoon
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For the second time this year, Hall County officials have confirmed a case of rabies in a domestic cat.

Mike Ledford, director of Hall County Animal Control, said the latest case occurred March 19 in a cat that lived off Elmer Truelove Road in North Hall.

Unlike in most cases, Ledford said this cat did not try to bite or scratch any other animals or humans. But it behaved as if it were sick, so its owners took it to a veterinarian, who recommended euthanizing the cat.

Monday, the Georgia Public Health Lab in Decatur verified that the cat was rabid.

That was the seventh case of rabies in Hall County this year, and the second one involving a cat. On Feb. 11, a rabid cat bit and scratched its owners near Thompson Bridge in north Gainesville. The owners have received treatment.

Later Tuesday, officials confirmed an eighth rabies case, this time in the Wood Valley Drive area of North Hall. According to Animal Control, a raccoon came into contact with two dogs Friday. The raccoon’s remains tested positive for rabies Tuesday.

To report an animal behaving abnormally, which may indicate rabies, call Animal Control at 770-531-6830.