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The tax bill's in the mail for Hall County residents
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For more information call the Tax Commissioner’s Office at 770-531-6950.

It’s that time of year again — Hall County tax bills are being mailed out today.

Tax Commissioner Keith Echols said the county sent out tax bills that should be in mailboxes no later than Wednesday.

“They have until Dec. 1 to pay their taxes without any penalties or interest,” Echols said.

Echols said people who have moved or believe their bill may not go to the correct address should call the tax office.

“If people do not receive their tax bills by Oct. 15 they need to call,” Echols said. “If they know they’re supposed to get a tax bill, they should call us and make sure so we can send them one.”

Echols said his office sent 85,686 tax bills today for a total of $126,087,836.38.

Interest will be added to tax bills paid after the Dec. 1 deadline.

“If the taxes are not paid in full by Dec. 1, a 1 percent interest is charged per month until it is paid,” Echols said.

After 90 days, the state imposes a 10 percent interest charge.

Echols said people can make a number of smaller payments before Dec. 1 if they feel they will not be able to pay the full amount at once.

“What I suggest to taxpayers, when they get their tax bills they can start making payments,” Echols said. “If they don’t have the money or don’t think they will have the money by Dec. 1, I would urge them to go ahead and start making payments as much as they can. When that Dec. 1 rolls around the interest won’t be as much on the balance due,” Echols said.

Tax bills can now be paid online, though a service charge is applied to credit card payments.

The ePayments Center link is located Convenience fees are used to pay for the cost of the online service and provide no revenue to Hall County.

The county is providing an insert in this year’s tax bill explaining where tax dollars go, how a tax bill is calculated and how the millage rate is set.

Out of each dollar, 67 cents goes to the Hall County school system, 26 cents goes to the Hall County General Fund, 6 cents goes to the Hall County Fire Fund and a penny goes to the state of Georgia.

Information will also be included about eligibility for tax exemptions.

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