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Styrofoam graveyard in Lake Lanier targeted for cleanup
The Hall County Board of Commissioners agreed to waive landfill fees for up to 25 tons pulled from a Lake Lanier cove off Clarks Bridge Road.

An area known as the “Styrofoam graveyard” in a Lake Lanier cove off Clarks Bridge Road is about to get cleaned up.

Several groups, including Keep Hall Beautiful, Gainesville-Hall ’96 and Lake Lanier Association, are set to remove tons of Styrofoam debris next week from the area, which is near the Lake Lanier Olympic Park.

And they’ve got the lingering drought to thank for that — at least partially.

“Now that the lake has receded as much as it has, and because fall is upon us and the brush has lessened, we have greater access (to the area),” Keep Hall Beautiful director Kelly Norman said.

“It’s extremely heavy (debris) and it’s going to take major manpower and machine power to remove these items,” Norman said.

She talked about the initiative Monday afternoon to the Hall County Board of Commissioners, which agreed to waive landfill fees for up to 25 tons pulled from the site.

“We appreciate your leadership and service,” Commissioner Billy Powell said.

It took the groups just one day to get a permit for the work from the Army Corps of Engineers, said Ken Rearden, Hall’s public utilities and public works director.

The groups were appreciative of the commission’s stance. A formal vote is set for Thursday.

“We thank you, and truly, this is a prime example of a collective effort where many organizations came together to address this issue,” Norman said. “And we’re just thrilled to be a part of it.”

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