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Stolen boat recovered on Lake Lanier; 3 arrested
A look at the performance racing boat stolen Friday from a dock on Lake Lanier. It was later recovered and three people charged in the incident, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

A Hall County woman’s boat was stolen from the dock Friday afternoon, but it was recovered by authorities, albeit banged up, later that evening.

Three people were arrested and charged in the case, two men and a woman.

Leslie Buice wasn’t even home yet when she saw that the boat was absent.

“I live on Chestatee Road, and you can see the boat and the dock very easily from the road,” she said. “I was driving home from work, and as I came across the bridge, I saw that the boat was not there, and started calling people.”

She soon realized it wasn’t a prank or misunderstanding but a possible crime.

“They came on the dock, let the lift down and literally stole it off the dock,” she said. “I was in shock. I still am, I think.”

She contacted the Hall County Sheriff’s Office around 4 p.m. and then contacted the Department of Natural Resources, which patrols Lake Lanier.

“I have a friend who works for DNR. I texted him a picture of the boat and the registration,” she said.

A few hours later, she said, DNR found the boat and arrested the three people aboard.

DNR officer Cpl. Adam Loudermilk, one of the arresting officers, said locating a stolen vessel on vast Lake Lanier usually is difficult.

“This one ... was easily recognizable compared to a lot of the stolen boat calls,” he said.

“It’s very loud. It’s a performance race boat, so it stands out and it’s extremely loud,” Buice confirmed.

The DNR identified the three people arrested as Kevin Lark Robinson; Joshua Parker Robinson; and Christian Danielle Robertson. They were charged with theft, possession of tools of a crime and criminal damage to property.

“They hit several different things in the process and caused some pretty significant exterior damage,” Buice said.

Robertson faces an additional charge of giving false information for giving a false name, Loudermilk said.

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