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Restaurant owner arrested in gun-pointing incident
Arraignment is scheduled for July 20
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Juan Luna, the owner of Luna's Restaurant in downtown Gainesville, was arrested last week after allegedly pointing a gun at the owner of another restaurant, police said.

Luna has been charged with the misdemeanors of simple assault and pointing a firearm at another.

But Solicitor General Stephanie Woodard said the charges may become more or less severe after her office examines the entire situation.

Scott Dixon, owner of Scott's on the Square in Gainesville, told police he was leaving his restaurant at 10:45 p.m. Friday when he was approached by Luna in a Maple Street alley, according to the Gainesville Police report.

"I was just going home," Luna told The Times. "They were outside and I lowered the window and I ask how they (were) doing and (Dixon) got all bent out of shape."

Dixon told The Times they were arguing about Luna hiring away Dixon's head chef.

The altercation escalated as Luna allegedly retrieved a nightstick from his vehicle and approached Dixon in a threatening manner.

After a brief verbal exchange, Luna reportedly drove away only to return a short time later.

According to the report, he then got out of his car and pointed a black semi-automatic handgun at Dixon.

According to Dixon, as he pointed the gun, Luna said something to the effect of, "Now you have a problem."

"There's no other reason to pull out a gun unless to try to harm someone," Dixon said Monday. "I know I'm probably not his favorite person having come into town and opened up a restaurant that competes with his. But that's just not what normal people do."

When bystanders began to walk down the alley, Dixon told police Luna tried to conceal the weapon before getting in his car and driving away.

Police later approached Luna in a hotel where he was staying and located a silver Bersa .380 handgun and expandable baton in a dresser drawer, according to the report.

Luna told police about the argument, but denied touching the handgun during the exchange. He also said he hadn't carried the baton with him on that particular night.

Luna told The Times there is no long-standing dispute between him and Dixon.

"(Dixon) has to grow up and deal with business like a businessman and stop being like child," Luna said. "Just grow up and deal with situations like an adult."

Luna was released from jail on $4,000 bond and has an arraignment scheduled for July 20.

Dixon said he plans on filing a restraining order to protect himself in the future.


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