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Lula Veterans Park vandalized with graffiti
Black spray paint markings were found this morning around Veterans Park in Lula.

Veterans Park in downtown Lula was vandalized, workers discovered early today.

Lula City Councilwoman Vicky Chambers said around 8 a.m., city workers who came in to clean found a different sort of mess — black spray paint.

"It's nothing profane, but still it will cost the city quite a bit of money," Chambers said.

But more hurtful, she said, is the insult to veterans.

"The Veterans Park is a very dear park. It is dedicated to all veterans in all wars and any place in the world," she said. "You almost feel like they've done it to the veterans, so we're very distraught over the thought that someone would try to do this."

It is the first time the park has been vandalized since its dedication in July 2009, Chambers said.

The park features the names of 300 veterans, etched in bricks.

The Lula Historical Society is offering a $500 award for any information that leads to an arrest, Chambers said.

"We would just love some help from anybody who saw anything," she said.

The Hall County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident.

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