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Lula completes, passes state's water audit
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After two years of working through the audit process for the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District, Lula passed but will need to continue meeting the planning district’s expectations over the next few years as it constructs its wastewater facility.

At Wednesday morning’s meeting, Lula City Manager Dennis Bergin presented to the council the planning district’s audit of Lula for 2007-08, which was approved by the Environmental Protection Division. The required audit checklist took the city more than two years to complete.

"I had no gray hairs two years ago," Mayor Milton Turner said of the extensive audit.

"It’s one of the toughest projects I have ever tackled."

Lula falls within the range of cities and counties that affect metropolitan Atlanta, subjecting it to the supervision of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District, which oversees the inspection of the surrounding area’s water use.

Lula will undergo inspection and maintenance over the next few years, and Bergin wanted to make sure the council was aware of the long-term commitment involved with the planning district.

"There is no question about how beneficial this has been to y’all as a city," Bergin said.

"But my fear is that two years from now when we’re sitting in the same room right now, I don’t want us to come up and not have continued to work toward this ongoing process of evaluating your system and maintaining your system."

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