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Why isnt Trumps photo up at Social Security office in Gainesville?
President Donald Trump’s official photo hasn’t been produced yet.

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Why aren’t President Donald Trump’s and Vice President Mike Pence’s photos on the wall at the Social Security Administration office in Gainesville?

“The Social Security Administration has not received the president’s official portrait from the Government Publishing Office,” Patti Patterson, regional communications director for the Social Security Administration, wrote in an email. “When the agency receives the portraits, we will distribute them to all Social Security offices nationwide to display.”

The Government Publishing Office, which makes copies of the official photos, said it hasn’t received official photos of Trump and Pence yet from the White House.

“GPO is standing by to reproduce copies of the president and the vice president’s photos for official use in federal facilities, and will do so as soon as the official photo files are provided to us,” Gary Somerset, chief public relations officer for the Government Publishing Office, wrote in an email. “I do not have a timeline on when GPO may receive those files from the White House.”

Somerset added that any photo at a federal facility now isn’t the official photo.

“The official photo has not been produced. I can’t speak to what temporary photo various agencies may display until the official one is produced,” Somerset wrote. “GPO is the only place that will produce the president’s official photo, and will do so once we receive the files from the White House.”

The White House Press Office hadn’t responded as of Thursday afternoon to a Tuesday request for a timeline on when the photos will be produced.

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