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The road with 2 spellings, and a houses fate there
Plans filed with the Hall County Planning Commission and approved by the Hall County Board of Commissioners earlier this year call for this house at the corner of Lynncliff Drive and Dawsonville Highway to become a take-out restaurant, and another building will be constructed to offer bait and tackle.

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What’s the correct spelling of the road off Dawsonville Highway just after Sardis Road if coming from Gainesville? It’s spelled different ways on different road signs.

According to Hall County officials it is Lynncliff Drive. The road sign at Dawsonville Highway spells it with just one “f,” and Mark Lane, GIS manager, said the spelling is incorrect and that sign likely was provided by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

DOT spokeswoman Teri Pope said she was unaware of the misspelling and would look into the problem.

What’s going on with that little house at the corner of Lynncliff Drive and Dawsonville Highway?

The Hall County Board of Commissioners approved a rezoning for the property at 2807 Dawsonville Highway and 2813 Jay Mountain Road in late March to allow for a take-out restaurant and bait and tackle shop.

The house on the 1.5-acre property will serve as the restaurant, and a separate structure will be built for the bait and tackle shop.

Terry Richards applied for the rezoning and work has recently begun to clear the surrounding area and build a foundation for the shop.

Plans call for a gravel driveway and paved handicapped parking area. Total parking will include 10 spaces.

Because the property is on a designated “gateway corridor,” any new building was required to have a stone facade, but Richards got permission to put 40 percent stone facade on the front existing building and 60 percent stone facade on the new back building.

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