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Law spells out proper use of driving in left lane
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Is there already a law in Georgia that requires vehicles to use the left lane for passing only?

That’s not exactly what the law says, according to Sgt. Stephen Wilbanks of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office.

Here’s what Section 40-6-184 of the Uniform Traffic Code does say:

“On roads, streets, or highways with two or more lanes allowing for movement in the same direction, no person shall continue to operate a motor vehicle in the most left-hand lane at less than the maximum lawful speed limit once such person knows or should reasonably know that he is being overtaken in such lane from the rear by a motor vehicle traveling at a higher rate of speed, except when such motor vehicle is preparing for a left turn.”

The section is fairly self-explanatory, Wilbanks says. But he notes that for the car in the left lane to be required to move right, it should be moving at “less than the maximum lawful speed limit,” and the section does not say anything about using the left lane for passing only.

Wilbanks also said another section of the law affects cars in the left-hand lane. That section states that no two vehicles shall impede the flow of traffic by traveling side by side in adjacent lanes, unless they are traveling side by side due to congested traffic conditions.

Two other sections deal with trucks in the left lane.

On a road or highway with two lanes traveling in the same direction, it is unlawful for trucks to operate in the left lane unless it is “actually overtaking and passing” another vehicle or preparing to make a left turn.

On a road or highway with three or more lanes in the same direction, trucks are required by law to remain in one of the two right-hand lanes, unless the truck is preparing for a left turn.

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