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Georgia State aiming to increase apparel presence
Georgia State is seeking to increase its apparel presence in stores.

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I would like to know why that at the local stores where you typically see UGA, Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Tech logo’d items that there are never any representing Georgia State University. As a significant university in our area, it seems odd not to have any easy way to pick up GSU items to show support for that school and the students. 

Georgia State marketing director Aaron Bessey said the “question is a valid one, and one we are continuing to improve upon with our licensing partner (Collegiate Licensing Company).”

Bessey said this past spring Georgia State switched its online store provider and “we now have a way to meet that immediate need in that area by going online at”

“We are continuing to make strides to be more present in those local store areas,” Bessey said. “And we agree it needs to be better.”

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