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Gainesville plans welcome sign near new Kroger
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Are there any plans to put a welcome sign for the city of Gainesville on any of the bridges entering the city?

Currently there are no plans to install a sign on any bridge entering the city, according to Catiel Felts, communications and tourism director for the city.

However, there are plans to place a “Welcome to Gainesville” sign near the new Kroger on Jesse Jewell Parkway for motorists who are exiting Interstate 985, Felts said.

In addition, the city issued a request for qualifications last month for private firms to develop a Master Public Signage Plan. The purpose of the plan is to develop a hierarchy of signs that would help motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians locate key destinations in the city and identify the city limits.

The firm that is chosen to create the plan will determine the best locations for the signs as well as design them. Currently, the plan is expected to include only signs for gateways from the interstate, pedestrian locations and local facilities. Each of these areas will constitute a different development phase, with the project spread over three years. The first phase is expected to be pedestrian signs to accommodate visitors, though everything in the plan is subject to change, Felts said.

The request period ended last Monday. The city received four proposals and hopes to make a selection this month, Felts said.

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