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Gainesville, Hall can help dispose of tree debris
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How do local governments get rid of tree debris?

Both Gainesville and Hall County services, such as the Public Works and Road Maintenance departments, only remove fallen trees and other debris when they happen to be on the right-of-way of streets and roads. Once any trees and fallen debris are on private property, it’s up to the owner to dispose of it.

However, residents within the city limits that are customers of the solid waste service qualify to have yard debris picked up. Each customer account is allowed 1 cubic yard of debris per week, said Gainesville’s Public Works Director David Dockery. Customers should place the material on the curb in such a way as not to impede traffic or pedestrians, he said.

Larger amounts of material would require residents to call the Solid Waste Division of the Public Works Department at 770-532-0493 to arrange a pickup, which may require an additional fee depending on the situation, Dockery added.

Both Hall and Gainesville residents also have the option to haul debris themselves to nearby landfills. But Hall County Road Maintenance Supervisor Jimmy Hightower recommended calling ahead to be sure that type of waste is accepted, as some locations don’t take trees or other yard material.

Burning debris is additionally an option, but the area is currently under a state-mandated burn ban until the months of October through April. Residents may call their city fire department at 770-534-3612, or the county department at 770-531-6838 to find out more on how to acquire a burn permit, as well as the requirements and specifications.

Hall County also has a line specifically for burn permits at 770-536-2442.


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