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Fudgery office a sweet tease as companys headquarters
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“The Fudgery” seems to have been undergoing renovations for a while. What is it, and when does it open?

The Fudgery is a nationwide chain of fudge stores that aim to provide entertainment as well as fudge, through a mix of singing and showmanship.

However, its location on Green Street is the company’s corporate headquarters and not a retail location, none of which are in Georgia. The family-owned company was started in Outer Banks, N.C., but has been headquartered in Gainesville since 1985. It changed locations from near the Gainesville downtown square next to the Turnstile Deli to Green Street’s Matthews-Marshall House, which provided more room for expansion.

The Fudgery’s retail locations try to live up to its motto of “fudge and fun” by mixing entertainment into the consumer experience. Employees often make the fudge on marble slabs in front of patrons while simultaneously putting on a show that include singing and jokes.

While North Georgia residents would have to travel to another state for the retail experience, The Fudgery does take online orders at its website,

The new headquarters location was in need of some maintenance and basic renovation due to rotten floorboards, old windows and broken tiles. But the house lies in a historic district, which requires changes to be approved by the historic preservation committee.

According to the application, company owner and founder A.C. Marshall said the company has been looking for just the right building for its relocation. He said he has admired the Matthews-Marshall, which was then the Matthews-Norton house, for a long time.

Built in 1933, the house was designed by Levi Prater, who designed a variety of both commercial and residential properties in Gainesville, Toccoa and Atlanta during the first half of the 20th century. Despite having little formal education, Prater was lauded as a master builder. His buildings in Gainesville include the old Coca-Cola building on Green Street, the Jackson building on Washington Street and several houses along Green Street.

Renovations at The Fudgery are considered minor upkeep and the historic preservation committee approved the request. The changes include replacing several of the windows, some external painting, replacing the current temporary sign with an official one among other things.

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