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Culvert work progressing in Flowery Branch
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Norfolk Southern has begun work on double 9-by-9 culverts where Flowery Branch Creek flows under the railroad tracks.

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What is the status of the culvert projects in Flowery Branch?

Norfolk Southern a few months ago completed construction of a single 9-foot-by-9-foot box culvert at a tributary around 300 feet south of Flowery Branch Creek.

Work on double 9-by-9 box culverts where Flowery Branch Creek flows under the railroad tracks is moving forward and should be finished next year, Norfolk Southern spokesman Rick Harris said.

“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers granted the required encroachment easement in May this year, 21 months after Norfolk Southern filed for the permit,” Harris wrote in an email. “The Corps issued its required nationwide permit April 21. The encroachment easement is valid for a 50-year term ending Oct. 31, 2065.”

The two drainage areas came to light during a May 2013 flood that put a stretch of Atlanta Highway between the Flowery Branch sewer plant and Wayne Drive underwater.

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